I’m over the moon that on the 1st of May 2018, Algonquin Young Readers published a stunning hardback version of Running on the Roof of the World. To celebrate I held a launch evening at Barnes&Noble. There were Tibetan artefacts to look at and I even brought along my original scrapbook from my first draft. I was interviewed by the very lovely freelance and Washington Post journalist, Marie-Elizabeth Oliver, before giving a reading and signing. Continue reading “RUNNING ON THE ROOF OF THE WORLD in the USA”

Jess Butterworth’s Top Tips For Creating Setting for Writers&Artists

Top Tips On Creating Setting

As a child I often imagined I was on adventures in the wilderness without my parents in tow. My grandparents were avid David Attenborough fans and I used to watch wildlife documentaries with them before acting the scenes out: pretending I was climbing to the top of a rainforest; rescuing a pelican from a cliff or swimming with pink dolphins in an alpine lake. I wanted to inhabit an outside world: interacting with nature and experiencing my environment.

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Golden Books Girl Interviews Jess Butterworth

I was delighted when one of my favourite book bloggers decided to interview me. Her name is Golden Books Girl and you can find her blog here. 

Now I’m going to hand over to her…

Hello everyone!

Today, I’m incredibly excited to welcome another author for a Q&A; the incredible Jess Butterworth, whose stunning debut Running on the Roof of the World I absolutely adored (you can read my review in this post). On to the questions!

Hi Jess. Welcome to Golden Books Girl, and thank you so much for agreeing to do this interview with me!

My pleasure! I’m delighted to be here.

1. To start off, can you sum up Running on the Roof the World  for anyone who hasnt read it yet in 5 words?

Contemporary Himalayan adventure, featuring yaks!

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