‘Running on the Roof of the World was possibly one of the best books I have ever read.’ This trek is a matter of life and death: the class book review for TES magazine 

June 2017 Debut of the Month in Love Reading4kids
Emily Golding, age 10 – “Unbelievable! Fabulous! Jess Butterworth is a fantastic writer! This is truly a brilliant book!…This book will appeal to both genders as it’s an adventure story with a twist. Enjoy!”
Ellen Cox, age 10 – “I could not put this book down (literally!!). This book gets a 5 star rating from me and I liked the fact that every character was individually described. This is the best book ever.”
Maia Fuller, age 12 – “I really enjoyed reading this book and I couldn’t put it down! The description is amazing and the character’s personalities are so well thought out.”
Reader reviews for Running on the Roof of the WorldDCWAF--XcAAO9i0

“Bristling narrative with lovely poetic descriptions – a gripping story”
Waterstones Bookseller Review

“It provides a wonderful opportunity for children to gain an insight into the trials and tribulations many children face on a daily basis around the world, a really important book to teach them empathy.”
Book Lover Jo


“Books that tell their stories with the empathy, compassion and understanding, as shown in Running On The Roof Of The World, deserve a place in every School Library and Class Library from Upper Key Stage 2 onwards.”
Miss Cleveland’s Reading

“This is undoubtedly the best debut I`ve read in 2017, and this book is perfect for fans of Katherine Rundell. 5/5”
Golden Books Girl June Review

‘Ones to Watch’ in The Bookseller



“The writing is clear and beautiful, and the political situation is touched upon with sufficient detail (including a scene in which a protestor sets fire to himself) to explain the difficulties Tash and her family face, without being heavy-handedly ‘educational’.”
Sarah House’s Book Reviews

“This is a fantastic book which is relevant to today’s crises: refugees, conflict and children growing up in war zones. Although there’s danger, gruelling journeys and battles to survive, there is also hope, and hope is the essence of Tash’s story.” Typewritered Reviews



The Thing with Inspiration by Jess Butterworth on Pudding Shop Press, a collection of writing by women sharing their travel stories.


Jess Butterworth in Justin’s Debut-Dance Ball for Words and Pictures Magazine

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